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Tractor Trailer and Car Wrecks in North and South Carolina


Physically and emotionally, getting in a wreck is one of the worst experiences a person can go through. 

The physical pain of injuries and the corresponding emotional suffering are overwhelming, but the nightmare of dealing with an insurance company can be even worse. Think about it, the advice many insurance companies give to their drivers is to “never admit fault.”

Many times in trucking wrecks, the trucking company has their own attorneys investigate the scene to get a head start on denying liability. You can find yourself having been t-boned while proceeding through a green light and have the at fault driver deny responsibility. Even more frustrating can be the insurance companies’ reliance on North Carolina’s contributory negligence law. Essentially, the insurance company argues that you are at least 1% at fault because you should have somehow avoided the collision, and therefore, you are entitled to nothing. Let Wilder Pantazis take this stress off your shoulders with a free consultation.

In this first meeting, we will discuss these liability issues as well as your compensatory damages such as medical bills, time out of work, physical pain, and emotional suffering. There are also many other important factors to consider, such as punitive damages.  For example, if the at fault driver was drunk, texting, or driving in some other reckless manner, you might be entitled to damages in an amount of money intended to punish the at fault driver.

The lawyers at Wilder Pantazis can help navigate you through the difficult claims process. However, many times it is necessary to file a complaint in a state or federal court in order to obtain just compensation. The lawyers at Wilder Pantazis have experience litigating cases throughout North and South Carolina.  Beau Wilder has successfully litigated South Carolina cases in the Court of Common Pleas and the District of South Carolina.  He has also litigated claims in North Carolina federal courts, superior courts, and district courts across the state.  Rob Wilder has tried over 200 jury trials to a verdict in North Carolina state and federal courts.  If you have a serious tractor trailer collision or car wreck claim, please call us for a free consultation.    

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